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The Glorious Discovery Of Marisa Peer And Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Hey you guuuuuuuyss!!! Writing for you, to you, in that magical place in the middle of the night while it’s storming, no less. Sitting outside in my zen pad (my screened-in patio haven of relaxation), rain splattering my screen, as i tap into the universal consciousness (™). Thinking hard tonight about a lot of things, so bear with me as i utilize my writing to sort through it all. First and foremost, i am happy. As happy as i’ve ever been—the strongest, most unfuckwithable (thank you, vishen lakhiani for that term!) Version of lindsey that has ever been. I’m on fire with passion because i’ve found my life’s purpose, and that is to help as many people as i can, with what i now know. I’ve known for a long time that i was meant to be a healer, but i wasn’t sure what kind, or how. I thought my role as therapist and life coach was fulfilling enough. I was, in fact, reading vishen’s book, code of the extraordinary mind, when i happened upon marisa peer’s name in his gratitude to those who helped and contributed. Consequently, i looked her up during the when vishen posted talks from mindvalley’s a-fest this past year. I also discovered dan savage, from the notorious savage love podcast, as well as many other healers and thought leaders. But folks, mainly there’s marisa. Never have i watched a ted talk and felt my life was changed. It’s usually the same recycled shit, but this woman offered something entirely different. This was a woman vishen clearly respected and wanted to share with the universe. I listened. During her hour, i was completely captivated. I listened to the casual way she told stories of her clients’ transformations, and i thought this could be me. This is a woman speaking my language; in fact, speaking directly to me. I heard her tell me that as a therapist i could touch so many more lives than i currently was, with her innovative method. I listened to stories about transformation of all types and i envied marisa’s power to enlighten these people. I must have replayed that video several times, all the while knowing i have to do this. I spoke with my mom, who encouraged me to pursue marisa’s training. Right away, i signed up to learn how to practice rapid transformational therapy (rtt). No doubt existed in my mind that i was embarking on a career path to light up the lives of as many clients as i could handle. To be perfectly honest, my life was good, but it was also in a bit of a rut. I had a family and friends support system (a tribe) that was satisfying, an education behind me (phd), and a business that was building slowly but steadily. I felt i lacked nothing, yet i knew there was something blocking my progress, and that if i were ever going to attain my deepest aspirations, i had to break those blocks and push through outside of my comfort zone. Here’s where marisa peer changed my life: the more live hypnosis i witnessed from my mentor, the more aflame i became, all the more inspired to help people, no matter their issue. The rules of the mind i learned from marisa were more valuable than anything i learned in college, even grad school. She opened my mind to the truth: all clients present varying symptoms of issues, yet they all stem from one of a few core reasons: i am not enough or that is not available to me or i don”t deserve that. No, i recoil. Hell no. That’s a harsh reality. But so true, reader! What is a person truly presenting when he comes to me for alcoholism? For addiction to drugs? For depression or anxiety? Ultimately, it always goes back to that feeling of not being enough; not deserving what is present, or not believing something is available to you. Once marisa pointed this out, my whole outlook was transformed. I began to go over and replay in my head, all the presenting problems my current clients face. Can i attribute that core source to one of those three above-mentioned factors? Absolutely. It made perfect sense. And marisa decries traditional therapy for the simple fact that therapists are often found constantly asking their clients “and how does that make you feel?” Which is useless and prolonging treatment. Those therapists either don’t know how to fix their clients’ problems or they aim to keep the client in therapy for as long as they can. With rtt, we practitioners expect a client to be cured in 1-3 sessions. If we can give a client a remarkable outcome, to grant him the wish he dreamed of, in potentially one single session, why on earth would we ever draw out therapy? I know as a therapist, mental health doctor, and life coach, that i don’t expect a client to have an active relationship with me for more than a few months, generally. After a few months of talking out issues weekly or bi-weekly, i’m eager to send a client off with training wheels on. If that client feels like checking in every so often, i make myself available to them. I care about their progress. But i also have faith in my ability to help them; therefore, there’s no reason to ask them to sit in my office and talk about their feelings every week. It’s useless and i knew it before mp pointed it out so clearly. Now, i’m all about taking a different, unique approach to therapy. Any person can see a traditional therapist for marriage, family, and personal problems. If they’re “lucky”, that therapist may even accept their insurance. (i don’t in my own practice, simply because the insurance companies are scammers out to fuck everyone, but to each his own. I digress.) I love my job, don’t get me wrong. I love seeing how i make an impact on a client’s life. I know i’m doing exactly what i was called by the universe to do. However; i’m meant for more impact than i’ve grown used to. The universe has a bigger intention for me. That’s why it led me to vishen’s mindvalley academy, then to marisa peer, so to rtt, then to transitioning my business toward rtt over traditional therapy. So that leads me to today, and my own personal transformation story. I’ll share that with you all in the next post! Stay tuned!


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