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On Why Traditional Therapy Is A Waste Of Time, Money, + Energy

I always seem to preface this subject by reminding people I have been a traditional therapist for about nine years now. Have I helped people? Undoubtedly. So I support people’s myriad reasons for wanting to tackle their mental health issues by talking it out. It helps. At times it can be extremely rewarding, when you know you were the phone call that saved someone’s life, literally. So I love therapy, all kinds. It’s just that I found a better way. 

If I can remove from someone years, decades, lifetimes of pain, and I can do it in just one to three sessions, why would I ever recommend anything else? If I can save that person from spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in a therapy chair, by fixing their issue immediately and permanently, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?

When you visit a traditional therapist, you are paying for their time. Breakthroughs in talk-therapy are slow to manifest, more often than not. This is, to me, a big reason why someone might hire a life coach instead of a traditional therapist – to be held accountable by someone who has tools you can implement immediately, resolving your blocks by working diligently on your “homework” so to speak. So your therapy sessions tend to focus on talking about what happened in between sessions, reviewing your pain points, venting. 

I reference my own long relationship in therapy, rehashing the latest fight me and whomever had, pulling off that scab that had surfaced as I talked about that same guy over and over, ad nauseum, for SEVEN YEARS! It’s embarrassing to admit that, but my breakthrough was powerful and led to some important introspection and mindset shifting for me. But if you could have a breakthrough immediately, why keep spinning your wheels elsewhere? 

You see, I’m out to elevate humanity, to play my very small role in vibrating creative consciousness. I was put on this earth, at this time, in this body, to heal other souls. As a service-minded practitioner, I love people, love to form relationships, love to talk, but I don’t want you coming to see me week after week when I know I can cure you in 21 days, take off your training wheels, and set you FREE. We can have a beer later on. I want to solve your painful problem NOW.

There’s also, in traditional therapy, a lack of accountability and follow-up in education or a client’s work at home. In other words, if you’re not following through consistently (or at all) with the tools the therapist sets you up with, or the education you receive from your sessions, then obviously you’re not going to make any progress in resolving your core issues. But I suspect that’s more about (1) not trusting the therapist’s expertise, (2) a lack of accountability, and (3) a lack of investment in your mental health. With coaching, you’re paying me to give you tasks and education, then hold you responsible. With Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), you’re investing in me facilitating your transformation, and then I hold you accountable and demonstrate my devotion to helping you cure it, by following up with you after 21 days have occurred post-session. The best news I can hear back is, “I’m doing terrific, thank you, I know where to find you in the future or to refer you!” But if a client needs additional support, another session, or perhaps some coaching around the issue, I’m ensuring that we work in tandem to resolve your issue once and for all. 

There’s also this trouble spot of traditional therapists needing to play by a strict set of rules. There’s things you are taught to say (canned responses) to address sticky situations. There’s the whole HIPPA law issue. You aren’t supposed to form relationships with your clients. You can’t say or do certain things in a traditional environment. I like to think that RTT provides clients with a dynamic to cut loose and bare your soul with impunity. At least that’s how I run my practice. This is a safe space with a nonjudgmental facilitator who cares about your transformation. Comfort is my highest priority, because I truly believe no breakthroughs can occur until you feel confident you are working with the right person, qualified to help you. So if you need a blanket, bare feet, a box of kleenex, a drink, a hug, meditation music, incense burning, your bag of crystals…whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. 
In traditional therapy, we explore how events, circumstances, relationships make you feel. It’s so frustrating, because it’s like “so what?” Who cares how that makes you FEEL? What are we going to do about the problem? Let’s identify where this issue originated (I guarantee you, it’s a subconscious belief that doesn’t serve you and you most likely acquired this belief in your formative years!) and then let’s pull it out at it’s root. Then we’re going to use that freshly tilled fertile soil of your genius mind and plant seeds of new better-serving beliefs. You see, once you understand, once you uncover what your limiting beliefs are, all we have to do is reprogram that supercomputer and get your mindset in alignment with where you want to be. 
Since learning about RTT and how it transforms people’s lives so effectively and so quickly, I had to learn more. I fell in love with RTT and my passion is palpable. I’m the only accredited RTT practitioner in the state of Kansas endorsed by my mentor, the world-famous Marisa Peer. I’m loving teaching people, spreading the word that there is a better therapy available, and excitement is generating quickly. Since shifting from traditional therapy to strictly RTT clientele, my business has seen enormous growth and I have gotten more phenomenal results for my clients in the last year than I did the previous nine years combined. 
Rapid Transformational Therapy combines the very best components of traditional hypnotherapy with powerful tactics and healing modalities developed in a 30+ year career from Marisa Peer. I have combined my expertise in transformative therapy with my education in psychology and mindset consciousness with my natural talent for empathic, deep spiritual counseling and coaching, to give my clients a unique, life-changing experience, gain ultimate freedom from issues, and live their very best lives. I’m honored to do so. 

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