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My Personal Story With RTT! (As Promised)

In my last post, I promised to share my own personal story with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and the changes it has made in my own life. Here ya go! Please give me a shout-out if it resonates with you!

When I discovered Marisa and RTT I was having health issues. I also felt numerous blocks in my life.
I’m happy to share: For one, I always felt I was meant to have wealth, but I didn’t believe it was available to me, when it comes down to it (abundance block). I also was going on six-plus years of singlehood, completely uninterested in any form of intimate relationship whatsoever. I hit a block in my career as well, where I was questioning whether I was doing what I was intended to do, or why I wasn’t utilizing my skills as a writer and focusing on that career path instead of my counseling and coaching business. Physically, after extensive methods to lose excess weight, I had bottomed out at a size 00 (XS) and 128 lbs on a 5’5’’ frame. I personally loved my body, but after being overweight for over a decade, people around me weren’t so much celebrating my goals, but instead criticizing me for being “too skinny”. It was infuriating. Hard lesson learned: you shouldn’t base your opinions of yourself on other people’s perceptions. Although I had kicked the habits of cigarettes, excessive drinking, narcotics, emotional-eating, and ignorance of basic nutrition, I still felt shamed by others. I didn’t feel ENOUGH, when it came down to it. My relationships with men were cyclical; always the same lessons I was too stubborn to learn from. I wanted so badly to please everyone; to be everyone’s ideal person. Problem is, everyone has a different ideal person, and I didn’t factor in personal preferences. I wasted time and energy over trying to please everyone but myself.
Then I “met” Marisa Peer. In her I found a soulmate. I found a path. I found a support system, a new Tribe. I found purpose. I found direction. I found faith in humanity. I found MYSELF, most importantly.
When I began learning about all the myriad problems RTT can cure, initially I of course initially wanted to work on self-improvement. But LIFE caught up to me and presented me with a roadblock. I was told I had to have a revisional surgery in order to prevent esophageal cancer. I had no choice. My surgeon informed me that it wasn’t a matter of IF but WHEN, and scheduled me in right away. I had just begun the course to learn RTT. I, for whatever reason, began to panic, to plan for the worst-case scenario. I was convinced I was going to die in surgery and leave my 8 year-old love-of-my-life daughter alone. Well, not alone, as she has doting family besides me, but you get the picture. I had this expectation of my life being my daughter and me together, come what may. She and I against the world kind of thing. And now I was going to leave her to fend for herself, be another tragic story of a girl who lost her momma too soon, too young. I pursued life insurance. I made plans among trusted friends to dispose of my shit. I made legal declarations to protect my daughter as best I could. I hated every minute of my desperation. I knew my thoughts, my beliefs were of extreme disservice to me, but I couldn’t seem to pick myself consciously out of that funk. A good girlfriend said to me, “I’m gonna need you to stop talking about dying”. Her gentle chiding was a breath of fresh air. In retrospect, it was very much something I needed to hear. I absolutely was being stupid in voicing a negative expectation and planning for the worst. I reached out to my RTT community. A few people responded, but one in particular gave me a hypnosis via Zoom, from England. My goal was to get through the surgery perfectly, heal perfectly and quickly, and be expectant of my life improving post-surgery. The scenes I went back to in hypnotic regression were of no surprise to me;’ in fact, I recalled them well. But they still gave me enough insight to piece together the puzzle. I found the source of my issue and was then able to change my interpretation of the meaning. I was changed in that one session, no doubt. But Vickie from England sent me a recording of our hypnosis cure, and I listened to it as much as possible to prepare the surgery.
I didn’t even get the full 21 days experience to transform, the upcoming surgery was that sudden. What was different was that roles immediately reversed. Until that point, my darling daughter had been telling me “you’re going to be fine”, completely reassuring, supportive, brilliant. I was secretly in doubt. But come surgery day, as the doctors prepared me to separate from my family and go under anesthesia, my daughter was the one crying, suddenly breaking down at the last moment. I, on the other hand, was drowsily reassuring her, and had absolutely no anxiety or worry being wheeled into the surgery room.
I woke up a couple hours later, coherent enough to ask for a drink and maintain a relevant conversation with my mother. She voiced her surprise that I was so peppy immediately after waking up from anesthesia. It was like I knew that everything had gone perfectly, there was nothing to worry about, there was no reason not to be up and moving.
And move I did. In the hospital I sailed past the required goal of making it a few doors down in the hallway. I chatted with a nurse as we made the round completely back to my own room. I progressed with the required tests without effort or issue. I was discharged and sent home on schedule, and only took my prescribed pain meds through that weekend, the first three days post surgery. Then I had an appointment with my surgeon where I knew I could ask for a refill and expected it would be granted, but I didn’t say a thing. I ate the diet prescribed to me, got sick only once, learned from it, adjusted my mindset, and never once had an issue with food afterward. I recently had my first follow-up bloodwork with my surgeon and he was ecstatic I had such high nutrition levels. He’d not seen that high of levels in a patient in my stage before. I took great pride in this, knowing it was ALL IN MY HEAD.
Having gone through that experience and coming out a VICTOR rather than VICTIM caused me to reevaluate other areas of my life. What could RTT help me with, besides this amazing healing experience (because, frankly, I’ve never felt better. I’m digesting perfectly, rid myself of acid reflux and corrosion that would eventually have lead to esophageal cancer, am mentally on-point, energetic, sleeping well, waking up without an alarm at a decent hour, losing excess weight, my skin is supple without lotion and complexion bright and clear, and have NO anxiety or stress or addictions, period. I feel AMAZING.
What makes it all the more better is touching other lives with my gifts and new outlook and training. I hypnotized a friend to get rid of his communication block, another to rid himself of disease he believed to be genetic, and a client to rid himself of guilt he had held onto in his 50s from childhood. I watch every single day some form of communication from my mentor or my colleagues about how they’re transforming people’s lives, and it inspires and uplifts me. I’m enthusiastic to the point of borderline obnoxiousness for my commitment to making as many transformations as I can.
Now, as pertains to my own personal growth, as I’ve healed from my surgery described, my next step is wealth wiring. I’m curing my abundance block that I acquired in childhood. Since beginning my wealth wiring hypnosis for 21 days, I have already broken through personal abundance ceilings, making exactly what I desired to earn in a single session, increasing my fees to justify this new mindset, refusing less than my own personal gold standard, and am making new goals to align with this new attitude of abundance. My next issue to address is my physical chronic back pain (although I must say my back pain has been significantly improved already, without my consciously taking any steps to remedy it, as I’m focused on the wealth abundance atm). Yet, I’m finding as I transform any part of myself, it’s magnifying, showing itself in other areas. I’m attracting the people, the teachers, that I need at this time. The right people are showing up who can help me in my business goals, finance goals, networking goals, personal self-improvement goals, my intimate relationships. Just everywhere! And I’m in such a deep state of appreciation for the Universe delivering these people to me that it’s like a palpable, powerful vibration is coursing through my body. I’m literally buzzing at any given moment. It brings me great joy to connect with people. It’s so damned easy now to ignore those who would seek to suck my spirit dry. I no longer have ANY interest in anyone who isn’t in my Tribe. I don’t waste my time and energy arguing with people outside my Tribe; instead, I throw LOVE on them, because they need it. I send LOVE ENERGY to everyone I care for, in simple ways. I rely on my Tribe, knowing they’ve got my back because I damn sure have theirs. I opened my heart to a relationship I would have told you a few months ago was not humanly possible. My relationships with my Tribe have improved all around. I only see my Tribe; I ignore Outsiders. I champion the causes I care about. I’m outspoken and unapologetic. I’m my own authentic self, focused on INTEGRITY, and if you aren’t down with my vibe, fuck off. It’s cool. You aren’t my Tribe, and you’re most definitely my entertainment. I see the beauty in all things. I always knew the Laws of the Universe, especially recently the Law of Attraction, but never before have I seen things so clearly. The veil has been lifted. I’m noticing a lot more enlightened folk than ever before. Even ones who were most skeptical about positive thinking, uplift, affirmations, etc. We were nerds a minute ago, or hippies, or “woke” folk who generally assume an air of distaste and unease. But now MY TRIBE are infiltrating those skeptics, those decriers of Free Mind Revolutionaries. Haven’t we actually by now reached the Age of Aquarius? I’m excited AF. I’m ready for Universal Enlightenment. Let’s do something about climate change, about the reputation of this country, about people’s goddamn issues, period. No one should believe treatment—a cure— is unavailable to them. Change is not only possible, but can be quick, real time, speedy fast. You need only to accept the gift presented to you; that is the gift of freedom. I can give that to you. But you absolutely must be ready for a change; ready for the commitment of listening to your recording for the essential 21 days to change your outdated beliefs. The session will CURE you but your recording ensures your issue will never come back! Certainly you must be ready to make a tangible investment into your ultimate goals. I promise you it will be worth it. I wouldn’t trade my own transformations for the world. I finally believe I deserve the life of my dreams, that I’m enough, that all of my desires are available to me, I’m attracting the right people and the right situations and opportunities and teachable moments in my life. Things can only keep improving!

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