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How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along, halfway through January?

Does anyone even make resolutions anymore? I can’t think of a single person who has shared theirs with me. I’ve been wondering why this is. Could it be because every year we get used to making a resolution, we feel fired up about it for a few days or weeks and then…we let it slip? People tend to give up when faced with so many losses. Why bother creating a goal that we don’t really *believe* we will achieve?

So, WHY don’t resolutions tend to work? Why do we let our motivation slip so easily? 

It’s because there’s a missing link most people are missing: SUBCONSCIOUS REPROGRAMMING.

See, when we formulate goals we have to take certain steps in order to manifest them. 

First, we need to be clear and specific about an end goal. And we need to recognize the difference between END goals and MEANS goals. An end goal is the result after you keep asking “why?” to your means goal. 

Example: Let’s say you set a goal to shed 50 lbs. You even try to attach it to a set date, say “I want to shed 50 lbs by June 1.” Now you’re getting clear, but WHY do you want to shed 50 lbs by June 1? Because your physician said if you don’t drop weight you will have to go on medication and your heart health is at risk. OK, but WHY 50 lbs and WHY by June 1? Well, because 50 lbs lighter would be ideal BMI range for my body, and 6 months seems like a reasonable time frame to accomplish this. Sure, but WHY do you want this drastic body change in a very short amount of time? Hmm. I suppose because I want to be in optimum health and this was a wake-up call for me. OK but WHY do you want to be in optimum health? So I can live longer and enjoy my life. So what your END goal really is, is LONGEVITY. 

In this example, the means goals are the stepping stones to getting to the end goal: longevity. So keep asking yourself “Why?” until you reach the end, the point where you can no longer break it down. Now you’ve got your end goal.

The next step is to determine what your beliefs are NOW vs. what your beliefs NEED to be in order to manifest a successful outcome for your end goal. This is the step I think most people are missing. How do we remove blocks in our life if we’re not aware what those blocks are in the first place?

So ask yourself what your core beliefs are today. Using the weight issue example, I would start by asking:

(1) Do you believe you’re worthy of optimum health? 

(2) Do you believe you deserve optimum health? 

(3) Do you believe you’re motivated/dedicated enough to do the work it will take to achieve optimum health? 

(4) Do you believe optimum health is available to you? 

(5) Do you believe it’s more difficult for you to shed weight than it is for other people? 

(6) Do you believe you are armed with the proper education/knowledge to succeed in your endeavors? 

(7) Do you believe you are ready to take on a daunting challenge like dropping 50 lbs by combining diet and exercise tactics? 

(8) Do you believe you have models of optimum health among your friends or family?

Substitute “optimum health” for whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish, and you will uncover your block(s). Now, you have your starting point for what beliefs you MUST have in order to achieve success. Simply turn those beliefs that are holding you back into beliefs that better serve you. 

This reprogramming is what I do in my therapy sessions every day. I reprogram my client’s subconscious beliefs so that they can remove the blocks in their life. This is what is missing from traditional therapy. This is why people get frustrated with therapy; they’re simply not getting to the root cause of their issues and shifting from feeling powerLESS to EMpowered. Talking about issues isn’t enough; you have to pivot your thoughts in order to experience change.

You see, once you have the right beliefs, transformation occurs quickly and lasts permanently. To achieve anything at all in life, you must believe you are enough (worthy), that your vision is available to you (deserving/possible), and that you have just as much capability as anyone else (not different). You have to believe that you’ve got this, you can do it, and your mind must be laser-focused on the outcome.

The problem is, sometimes (OK, most of the time) it’s not as easy as toggling a switch. Solving issues requires enlightenment as to how these issues came about in the first place. That’s the beauty of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). In just 90 minutes I can tap into your subconscious mind, find the source of your issue, and pull it out by its roots. Then you have this cleared-up, freshly-tilled soil where I can now plant those seeds of better-serving beliefs. For 21 days, you will create the habit of thinking these new beliefs that are germinating, by listening to your personalized recording. That’s all it takes to reprogram that genius supercomputer mind, creating transformation in any area of your life. 

Oversimplified? Perhaps. But that’s why I offer FREE 45-minute consultation calls, so I can hear about your particular issue(s) and let you know exactly how I can help you to resolve them, once and for all. So, are you ready to make 2021 your best year yet, and finally get the peace and freedom you deserve? Use the links on my page to schedule your call today!

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