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Letting PEOPLE Go

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of chatter from people about their inability or avoidance of letting people go. Whether this be from grief of a loss (death or end of relationship, both the same really), or from realizing the toxicity of a relationship (friendship/romantic/familial). So I really wanted to talk about this issue today. I’ll begin by saying that we, as humans, will always grow out of situations and relationships as we progress through this human experience on Earth. This is natural and normal and not to be feared or avoided. Sometimes our personal growth requires an acceptance or acquiescence of knowing that in order to continue to elevate, we have to drop dead weight. Baggage. Sometimes this baggage comes in the form of a person who is weighing us down or sucking our life force (Qi) (Remember those Qi vampires I warned about in a previous blog? If not…review.) Just remember: if we are to follow our own path, we have to rid ourselves of anything (or anyone) who is holding us back from our full potential. So, how do we identify these people? They have caused you trauma or abuse, repeatedly (one-timers get a pass) They continually drain your Qi (leave you feeling depleted of energy) They take advantage of you, take you for granted, or cause you pain often They question your desire to elevate yourself in any way (it leaves you less time to focus on them) Whenever we make a decision to do something good for ourselves, whether it be regular self-care, taking a vacation, changing careers, quitting bad habits, seeking new relationships (just to name a few); we will naturally lose people. Realize that these people we shed were meant to be in our lives for a purpose – but that purpose was

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