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Case Study: Motivation

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Motivation, Impatience, Guilt, Lost Spark Habits to Install: Enjoy being with husband again instead of getting irritated as

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Case Study – Weight

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Weight issue, self-esteem, PTSD, guilt, motivation Last time @ ideal weight/size/shape: Size 9-12 @ age 23.  Trigger Foods:

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RTT VS Traditional

My Health Journey (Warning: Long post!)

Moving top left to top right in the collage: In 2000 I started to have a weight problem. I was graduating high school and no longer playing sports (I think that exercise was keeping my weight in check for the most part). I moved out on my own and started eating cheap, processed food that I could afford on my meager wages. Lots of nights partying at the clubs til the wee hours didn’t help, either. In 2007 (Tulum pic) I was married to my first husband and had ballooned up to 298 lbs. I was miserable in my own skin. Shortly after my divorce in 2009, I got pregnant with Elena by an ugly, short, fat guy who treated me like absolute shit. It took me having Elena to realize that I had been careening downhill for way too long. I asked myself why I kept attracting the same toxic relationship after another. The answer was clear as I looked hard at myself in the mirror: I just didn’t think too much about myself. Ouch. I vowed to do something about my extra weight, and my health in general. See, I had gotten used to, in my 20s, spending 2+hours most nights at Fitness 2K, to no avail. The scale barely budged, even though I had put on a lot of muscle mass. I wasn’t losing much fat on the horrible diet I was on. I decided to take out loans to get weight loss surgery in Mexico with a pioneer of the gastric sleeve surgery: Dr. Guillermo Alvarez (who’s wonderful btw). Now I know I could have accomplished the same goals using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) but I didn’t know about RTT until years later. Anyway, I got a gastric sleeve in 2011. It only took under a

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