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Letting PEOPLE Go

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of chatter from people about their inability or avoidance of letting people go. Whether this be from grief of

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Case Study: Motivation

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Motivation, Impatience, Guilt, Lost Spark Habits to Install: Enjoy being with husband again instead of getting irritated as

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Case Study – Weight

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Weight issue, self-esteem, PTSD, guilt, motivation Last time @ ideal weight/size/shape: Size 9-12 @ age 23.  Trigger Foods:

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Overcoming Self-Imposed Blocks

Whew. November is here. Halfway gone as of writing, actually. That means of course that 2021 is coming to an end, and what a year it’s been! I have found myself almost apologizing for having such a stellar 2020, when so many had a totally crappy last year. For me, my craptastic year was 2021, or has been. Everything that was great about 2020: working on home renovations with my then-fiance, selling our homes, buying our new home, nesting, blending our families, my business growing 400%, lots of connections with powerful business leaders, my wedding, my honeymoon, gorgeous holiday season. And much more! Everything that has sucked about 2021: not having time to finish home projects, spending all extra money on lawyers to fight a spiteful woman, my stepdaughter’s learning disabilities (completely being ignored by her mother, naturally), not having time to devote to further growth of my business, having COVID quarantine twice, getting zero cooperation from other households for our family, time with my new husband shot because we had to respond to court/lawyers, Spring Break trip to San Antonio was extremely stressful for myriad reasons, our summer family trip was cut short due to lack of time together, problematic colleague issues, infiltration of my livelihood, and I spent most of the summer and fall seasons almost completely “checked out”. So what has changed to turn this year around? Short answer: my attitude. Because, let me be candid and vulnerable here (as usual)…we ALL have our issues, we ALL sometimes get in our head and in our own way, and we ALL have bouts of self-destructive behaviors and thoughts. I know of absolutely nobody who is perfect, or who never makes mistakes, or who spends all day every day with a sunny disposition. Yet, even knowing that I am

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