New Horizons Life Therapy

About Me

I have acquired multiple degrees over the course of a decade to equip myself with top-of-the-line expertise, to be able to present myself as a trained professional, with the integrity I would want from professionals I pay hard-earned money to visit. Credentialed with a doctorate degree (Ph.D.), I am specifically trained to counsel and provide life coaching from a metaphysical perspective. I have extensive education in world religions and am familiar with all major belief systems and faiths. I am thus able to counsel a broad spectrum of people with various religious beliefs, or none at all. A metaphysician does not take any particular side. My practice is a judgment-free zone, where one can feel comfortable sharing his or her true beliefs.

I recently became accredited in a revolutionary hypnotherapy program called Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), created by the world-famous therapist Marisa Peer. It is the post-doctoral training I am most proud of and most excited about sharing in my practice.

My Background​

All of my life people have told me I am a gifted listener and adviser. Going through various paths in my adult life, I ignored my gut instinct that pressed me to enter a career where I could utilize my natural gifts to help people. All those years were not wasted, however, as I learned many lessons and enveloped myself in broad knowledge of psychology, anthropology, philosophy, religion, and the Humanities in general. I hold a BA in Humanities from Washington State University, and a Master of Humanities degree from Tiffin University.

I also traveled extensively and learned so much more from personal exploration than I ever could have from a classroom. I had a personal revelation that lead me down the path to where I am today, able to share my experience and knowledge with others for the purpose of helping them lead their best life. I went back to school and obtained my BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Counseling at the University of Sedona. While pursuing those degrees I became an ordained minister as well, and am a member of the International Metaphysics Ministry (IMM), as well as the Universal Life Church (ULC).

​I submerged myself deeply in study on Eastern philosophies and religions, learning the mechanics of ancient traditions such as energy healing, meditation, chakras, yoga, feng shui, aromatherapy, holistic healing, candlemancy, astrology, herbology, rootwork, tarot, I-Ching, and tantra. I have a wide variety of interests, even beyond the listed, and I pride myself in being well-versed in most anything that keeps my attention. I am a published poet and novelist, a former journalist and editor, and a college professor. I am dedicated to helping people find out who they really are, discover their soul purpose, and empower themselves to live an abundant life.

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