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About Me

Dr. Lindsey Santellan is the founder of New Horizons Life Therapy. She is Kansas’ only accredited Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner. A traditional therapist and life coach for nine years, Lindsey discovered world-famous therapist Marisa Peer’s method, and was immediately impassioned to serve clients with this extraordinary revolutionary modality in hypnotherapy.  

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) identifies the root subconscious cause of a person’s manifesting issue, effectively de-programs the client of the beliefs that are causing the problem, then programs in the beliefs required in order to transform their life immediately and permanently. RTT works for most any presenting issue and takes just one to three sessions, eliminating the investments of time, energy, and money in traditional therapy modalities. 

In 2020 she shifted her private practice to one-hundred percent RTT clientele and has been on a mission to spread the word about this phenomenal therapy. Lindsey believes that subconscious reprogramming is the missing link in transformative therapy, and the ticket to ultimate freedom from pain and blocks. She’s living her life’s purpose, healing the world one client at a time. A true humanity-lover, Lindsey enjoys connecting with the community and teaching people how to realize their dreams, live their very best life, and express their authentic self. Her mission is to serve others, moving people from powerless to empowered. Lindsey freely shares her stories in effort to show others a different type of therapist relationship, completely judgement-free and uniquely collaborative. 

 Although she works with clients of all ages and backgrounds, she specializes in helping women through myriad relationship and self-esteem issues. She is currently developing a program for women to fall in love with themselves, attract new or better-quality relationships, improve communications in existing relationships, and break the cycle of negative patterns likely modeled in her formative years. She is a co-host for the podcast Head to Head With Coach Nate, as the resident mental health expert and female perspective. The podcast features a local business leader spotlight, discussion of current issues, coaching tips, a deep dive into personal topics, and a highlight on a local brew. It’s her fun weekly opportunity to just be one of the guys.

 Dr. Santellan was raised mostly in Wichita, but has lived for a short time in Seattle, Colorado Springs, Glasgow, and Paris. She has received a BA in Humanities from Washington State University, a MH from Tiffin University, and a BS, MS, and PhD from the University of Sedona. She is a licensed metaphysical minister through the IMM and ULC. Lindsey is a published writer of poetry and historical fiction, a former journalist and editor, and college professor. She loves spending time at home with her “Mini-Me” daughter and new husband and stepdaughter, and their menagerie of pets. When she’s not expressing her inner-woo reading tarot cards, energy healing, comparing birth charts, meditating, past-life regression, lighting intention candles, or exploring the cosmic consciousness, she has a number of other hobbies. An avid gamer, voracious reader, world traveler, constant student of self-development, weightlifter, beach bum, home chef, movie-lover, she misses live music and theater.

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